Just in time for the start of summer, we were thrilled to welcome back another event to our schedule after taking a pause last year. Our annual Women In Business lunch was Tuesday and it was a fantastic reminder of the many women who work to make our community so wonderful. We are so fortunate to have so many businesses that support the programs and work of the Chamber including the women who co-founded Three Sixty Real Estate who have supported this particular event since its inception! This year, we were happy to greet 150 smiling women and watch them make new connections during conversations over delicious food surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Moore’s Mill Club pavilion. The program participants were also some of my biggest encouragers! I appreciate each of them so much for what they mean to me personally and the countless ways they bless our community! Our Circuit Clerk, Mary Roberson, inspired us with her invocation and reminded us to be present, set aside distractions, and leave the event with a renewed focus on the opportunity to use our talents and gifts to better our community. Our Key Note speaker, Laura Cooper, shared remarks that inspired us as well. Laura shared a few life lessons that she learned from her loving parents as a child and lessons that have carried her through life. If we will each commit to following her words—to bloom where planted, to live each day to the fullest, and to treat everyone with respect no matter their credentials, wealth, or privilege—imagine the positive impact we could make in this community. We were thrilled to present this year’s award for the Outstanding Woman in Business to Nancy Davis. Nancy embodies the Auburn Spirit and has definitely been a leader in business throughout her career! She started her law firm in 1978 and while supporting her many clients since then- many who are vital to the business community—she has also served many organizations working behind the scenes to develop programs that benefitted the whole community. Programs like Tiger Trail, Toomers 2000, and Blessing on the Corner to name a few related to the Auburn Chamber. Nancy inspired us to embrace the opportunity that living in Auburn brings. She also encouraged us to enjoy every moment while we are here. Nancy is our third winner and follows two other outstanding women to win the award- Jan Dempsey and Fran Dillard.

An event like this is a true picture of what the Chamber is about—providing connections for our members—be it to resources, other members for wise council and inspiration, future clients, or pathways to serve. The Women In Business program ended with Eloise Stewart sharing about a unique opportunity we will host in July—a retreat called beingwell. The purpose of the retreat is to take a moment to dive deep into the relationships we have with time, stress and anxiety, and burnout. Just like the Women In Business Lunch, the beingwell retreat will provide attendees an opportunity to reflect, recharge, and prepare us to better serve our clients and the community. Information about the beingwell retreat will be sent out next week.

As we enjoy a little fun in the sun and a tad bit of a slower pace, I am excited that summer allows us to reflect and adjust for the excitement and pace that fall brings and our next year of programming. The Chamber team will take some time in July reviewing our programs and events and planning for 2022. We would love any feedback about ideas for new partnerships we can make, new programs we should provide, and/or any comments for how to provide the resources needed for this thriving business community. We also have several exciting things starting back in August. Our website and social media channels are filled with lots of information and I hope you are following us and connecting with us on those platforms so you won’t miss out! It is awesome to see more and more people and experience life more and more after the pandemic!

I do love the opportunity we have to live and serve in this community. We don’t take your memberships for granted and hope you know how much we appreciate you!