January 3, 2022 — Today, Whataburger is bringing its fresh, customized burgers, Fancy and Spicy Ketchup, and orange-and-white-striped fun to its first-ever location in Auburn.

The restaurant at 101 North College Street pays respect to Whataburger’s storied history while looking to the future with a forward-thinking design. Some of the features include a state-of-the-art kitchen, an open-concept dining room, and custom-designed wall art to honor Auburn’s hometown landmarks.

Whataburger has partnered with Auburn University to sponsor its athletics program through 2024, so the restaurant also features a co-branded exterior showing off the school’s logo.

The Whataburger team of 120 local employees, who are called Family Members, will be led by Operating Partner Tyler Nelms who is ready to serve the community through the dining room open 24/7. Online ordering will be available in the coming weeks.