What does it mean to really be well? 

Now more than ever we need to take time to re-examine what it means to be well and redefine our relationships with time, stress, anxiety, and fear. Which all can lead to burnout. As leaders in our workplaces, homes, and community, we must first work towards being well so that we can lead and impact those we work with and lead.

The Auburn Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the first Women’s Retreat, beingwell in July 2021.

This one-day intensive yet relaxing retreat will be led by Eloise Stewart of .eloise. design co. We will dive deep into time, stress, anxiety, fear, and burnout. She will guide 30 women through the content using the beingwell book, which each attendee will receive. This content was developed from Good Startups, a proven and successful program that provides professionals a supportive place to learn and implement foundational self-awareness tools to better grow, sustain, and thrive personally and professionally.

The retreat will start with breakfast, include lunch, and provides three sessions that last throughout the day.

Registration: beingwell—A Women’s Retreat
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Can I sign up for both days?

You don’t need to! You only need to sign up for one day.
The content is the same on both days.

Where is the retreat?

At the Waverly Local in Waverly. Just far enough for a retreat and close enough to get home for dinner!

What type of retreat is this?
Each retreat day will have 30 women in attendance. We will be indoors at the Waverly Local. This is a retreat for you. Meaning it is not a networking event and it is not a team-building event. You will not have to partner up or play ice breaker games!

What topics will we cover?
We will dive deep into our relationship with time and multitasking, how fear and anxiety affect us daily, stress and how to manage it, and the signs and stages of burnout.

We will work through a beautiful workbook together as Eloise Stewart facilitates conversation around these topics. You will find that the retreat conversation, topics, and workbook are extremely practical. You will have tools and resources that you can apply in your life and take into your workplaces and organizations.

What do I need to bring?

Dress comfortably (but know we will take a picture at the beginning!)

Breakfast and lunch will be provided but if you would like to bring a snack, you can. You do not need a computer. We will provide you with a workbook (and pen) that has space for plenty of notes! We will ask that you put your phone away once we start.

Am I allowed to check my phone at all?

Yes! We will have breaks throughout the day for you to do a quick check but we will ask that you don’t use your break to work. We hope you use it to digest everything you are learning. Remember you deserve 8 hours!