East Alabama Medical Center is offering COVID-19 information and resources for businesses and the community on their website. Their Facebook and Instagram pages are also updated with information daily.

Shelter in place:
The hospital continues to remind us to shelter in place, which is a way people can help. The meaning of shelter in place is staying at home with immediate family/those living in the home. The only time someone should leave home is for essential activity such as accessing food, medical care or going to work.

Notice to employers:
EAMC would like to remind employers that they cannot test every person who has symptoms of COVID-19 just to clear them to go back to work. As collection kits are limited, the kits are reserved for patients who meet screening criteria for testing. People with symptoms (cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath) can call their physician or (334) 528-SICK for screening.

While every business may not be able to check their employees temperature, you can ask these key questions: 1.) Do you have a cough? 2.) Are you having difficulty breathing? 3.) Do you have muscle aches or body aches? 4.) Do you feel like you have a fever? 5.) Have you traveled anywhere in the past 14 days? 6.) Have you been around anyone who has traveled in the past 14 days? 7.) Do you feel sick in any way? If they answer yes to any of these symptoms, especially questions one-four, you should strongly consider sending them back home and telling them to self-quarantine.

Supplies needed and how to donate:
While EAMC is currently stable in the number of ventilators, supplies and other equipment, they could still use help with particular items.

New supplies needed:

  • Bleach wipes (must specify that they kill C. difficile spores) (these are industrial grade and not available in stores)
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Latex-free gloves: exam, nitrile

Additional supplies still being accepted:

  • Isolation gowns: non-sterile, impervious
  • Masks: surgical, procedure, ear loop, ear loop with face shield or fog-free procedure mask
  • Latex gloves: exam, nitrile or chemo
  • Hand sanitizer: 70% ethyl alcohol

Businesses who have access to these items and would like to donate them should bring the items to the collection site outside the hospital’s main lobby during the week between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. An EAMC representative will collect the supplies.