Shopping safely during COVID-19:
Whether you are a retailer or you plan to shop at a local business, there should be certain precautions taken when shopping to help keep businesses open. Customers and employees should wear masks, everyone should sanitize their hands after touching items and only items you intend to purchase should be picked up. Staying six feet away from people while shopping is also important.

Retailers, please have signage out for your employees and customers in the store regarding staying safe while shopping and working.

Also, let us all remember to be patient and kind to everyone as we navigate this new normal.

Alabama 2020 Census:
The 2020 Census is now more important than ever. Currently, the state of Alabama is at a 52.6% completion rate, which is almost 2% lower than the national average. Alabama’s response to the Census will be a determining factor in getting future resources for our state to recover from this economic downturn. Additionally, Alabama is at stake of losing one of our seven congressional seats. Our state is counting on you to fill out your 2020 Census! To take the Census, click here.