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Heat Treat Helper, First and Second Shift

BORBET Alabama, Inc.

Job Description

The heat treat helper assist the heat treat operator with manually loading heat treated wheels to the appropriate pallet and transports them to the correct department based on production needs. The helper also performs quality and hardness checks on all raw wheels.

Some travel may occur with this position. 

To apply, send a resume to Tanya Speir at tanya.speir@borbet-alabama.us. 


  • Performs hardness check on one wheel every 30 minutes that comes out of the oven at each cycle.
  •  Places date stamp on every wheel that has acceptable hardness levels.
  • Places group of castings that have failed the hardness test on the ingoing heat treat convey or for re-treatment.
  • Sorts and stacks good wheels on pallets of same part and mold number.
  • Attaches necessary paperwork to each completed pallet of wheels.
  •  In the case of the helper/stamper, assists in palletizing wheels after heat treat or ID stamps wheels after heat treat.
  •  Maintains a clean and safe work area.
  • Completes heat treat production log for total number of wheels processed during a shift.
  • Follows safety rules and wears required protective gear.
  • Promptly identifies safety hazards or unsafe work situations to management.
  •  Performs basic equipment care consistent with generally accepted standards for operator responsibilities.
  • Trains new heat treat operators on basic machine operations and how to perform all of the responsibilities detailed in this job description.
  • Follows all safety guidelines to ensure safety for self, others and the environment.
  •  Performs other duties as directed.

Phsyical requirements: 

  • This position requires a person to have the ability to stand, walk or climb stairs a minimum of twelve (12) hours on a continuous basis.
  • This position requires the ability to lift up to 40 pounds on a frequent basis and 60 pounds on an infrequent basis.
  • Must frequently be able to reach and handle parts.
  • Must be capable of performing a full range of repetitive motion for up to twelve (12) hours a day.

Required Eduction

  •  High School diploma or equivalent required.

Required Experience

  • Minimum one year’s experience with O.E.M. requirements preferred.

Required Skills

  • Candidate must have strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and the ability to work with others in a team environment at all levels i.e. supervisor, maintenance associates and team members.
  • Manufacturing experience with an understanding of processing equipment, product realization and quality standards.

Contact Information
Email: tanya.speir@borbet-alabama.us
Website: https://www.borbet.de/en/

BORBET Alabama, Inc.
979 W. Veterans Boulevard
Auburn, AL 36830

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