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Quality Assurance Engineer

BORBET Alabama, Inc.

Job Description

The quality assurance engineer achieves quality assurance and quality control by meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction expectations, by developing, implementing and maintaining the product and processes control plans, by supporting, implementing, auditing and improving the quality management systems. The quality engineer will support the production systems and operations in general to meet productivity and quality goals and specific targets.

Some travel will occur (air and ground). A passport is required. The chosen candidate will receive training to perform your job on an on-going basis concurrent with Borbet Alabama business operations. Training areas will include safety, quality, continuous improvement and other job specific training that is determined to be an essential part of the job and Borbet business operations.

To apply, email Tanya Speir at tanya.speir@borbet-alabama.us. 



  • Fulfil the role of customer/supplier representative for our customers as required.
  • Establish customer relations through visitations, telephone calls, and other means available, to obtain customer/supplier concerns and issues, and dissemination of concerns to appropriate departments and facilities. Perform periodic visitation, as determined by the director of quality, at tire fitters to control situation with Borbet wheels (how many rejected, what are the defects).
  • Review rejected wheels at customers, create reports, perform defect analysis and supply feedback to the director of quality and Borbet management.
  • Answer with timely manner to the customer’s complaints, initiate containment plan, organize and manage sorting activity of the suspected inventory at Borbet and customer site, notify other departments about the issue at customer, and create quality alerts.
  • Answer customers with 8D reports and corrective actions. Organize CA Teams and lead Corrective Action process.
  • Collect and maintain Borbet performance at customers, perform daily check of customer portals for the updates about PPM and customer complaints.
  • Maintain records of customer concerns and corrective actions in ISOX Express software and other methods as required by the director of quality.
  • Ensure that customer requirements are addressed (e.g., selection of special characteristics, setting quality objectives and related timing, corrective and preventive actions, product design and development).
  • Assist and support customers during their audits and visits at Borbet.
  • Design and develop forms and instructions and quality documents for recording, evaluating, and reporting quality and reliability data.
  • Develop and implement methods and procedures for disposition of discrepant material. Perform daily checks on the production floor to review process parameters and product quality. Make decisions about nonconforming products.
  • Monitor internal service and product quality for your customer, initiate timely preventive and/or corrective actions to safeguard the interests of Borbet and the customer.
  • Production support and plant improvement projects as determined by the director of quality.
  • Participate in the development, improvement and maintenance of the QMS.
  • Perform internal audits as described by the QMS.
  • Provide sort procedures, gages, and instructions, when necessary, to aid production personnel.
  • Provide and assist production personnel with written procedures for rework/repair of all outgoing products and materials. Create limit samples for the better understanding specification criteria.
  • Develop and implement PPAP documentation. Support development with new projects.
  • Develop and initiate standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation.
  • Participate in continuous improvement activities designated to reduce the cost of poor quality (i.e. Kaizen, Task Force TEAMS, ETC.).
  • Keep clean working environment and follow 5S philosophy.


Physical requirements: 

  • Ability to perform work while sitting for up to eight (8) hours on a continuous basis.
  • Ability to stand, walk or climb stairs a min-imum of eight (8) hours on a continuous basis.
  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds on a frequent basis and 60 pounds on an infrequent basis.
  • Frequently be able to reach and handle parts.
  • Capable of passing vision test and Ishihara Test (Color Blindness test)
  • Capable of performing a full range of repetitive motion for up to eight (8) hours a day.

Required Eduction

  • Requires four year college B.S. degree.

Required Experience

  • Understanding of processing equipment, product realization and quality standards.
  • Minimum two years’ experience with O.E.M. requirements preferred.

Required Skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Organizational skills and the ability to work with others in a team environment at all levels i.e. managers, supervisors, team leaders and team members.
  • Computer literate, MS Office packet.
  • Quality Management System TS16949.

Contact Information
Email: tanya.speir@borbet-alabama.us
Website: https://www.borbet.de/en/

BORBET Alabama, Inc.
979 W. Veterans Boulevard
Auburn, AL 36830

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