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Supply Chain Manager

Arkal Automotive

Job Description

The supply chain manager will integrate all activities related to material management and production planning from the recognition of need for materials to the ultimate dispatch of finished goods to the customers, and all the required function needs.



  • Manage by example and lead the team by actively contributing to department and company goals.
  • Take initiative and seek additional training or directions as needed.
  • Build quality in work, ensure processes are consistent with qualitative objectives, aware of actual quality levels versus target levels.
  • Set and achieve department goals. Make suggestions for cost reduction, improve processes, quality and productivity.
  • Understand the needs of a 24/7 work environment and available as needed

  • Production Planning & Delivery
    • Manages production scheduler to maintain production optimization to meet production planning and customers expectations along with DELJIT, DELFOR, EDI demand releases.
    • Ensures daily production requirements are achieved to meet customers expectations.
    • Establishes and controls raw material/components, WIP (work in progress) and finish goods inventory levels are consistent with plant goals and objectives.
    • Communicates material and production planning issues with production, purchasing and supervisors teams.
    • Interacts with shop floor management on a daily basis to resolve problems regarding manufacturing efficiency.
    • Maintains tight cost control by maximizing production efficiency, minimizing inventories, and managing inventory obsolescence in order to meet financial targets.
    • Manages the site capacity models and performs the required analysis to determine the site manufacturing capabilities.


  •  Material, Component, and Packaging  Management
    • Analyzes the data and makes decision to support raw material supply and finished goods demand.
    • Works with and maintains MRP systems (priority) to ensure timely availability of the required RM, components and packages.
    • Responsible for MRP parameters, MRP purchasing, MRP packaging, MRP EDI Customer, EDI Proficiency, MRP Planning.
    • Reports status of raw material inventory.
    • Responsible for the monthly inventory and inventory reports.
    • Understands and manages customer systems MRP, ERP, MEPS, EDI, DELJIT, DELFOR, and SWP.
    • Maintains inventory accuracy and BOM integrity.
    • Ensures smooth transition of engineering changes to avoid obsolescence.


  • WH and Logistics Management
    • Defines and implements the correct working procedures for the location, pick-up, staging of RM, components and finished goods – full implementation of the VDA process.
    • Defines and implements the correct work process for shipping, receiving, and container management.
    • Defines and implements the correct work process for line drivers, material storage, stacking.
    • Manages the logistic supervisors
  •  Customer Interfacing and Communication
    • Supports internal and external customer requirements via MRP, ERP, MEPS, EDI, DELJIT, DELFOR, SWP.
    • Manages premium freight and chargeback systems.
    • Direct customer contact for all necessary purposes including daily contact, daily shipments, production schedule, shipping schedule, expedite schedule and customer on-site visits.
    • Manages escalation processes with the customers when needed.


  • Internal Interface Management
    • Maintains interface between Production, QA/QC, Engineering, and other functional areas to deliver on-time material release.
    • Coordinates cross-functional activities to support customer service goals and special requests from global supply chain and/or marketing.


  • Supplier Management
    • Responsible for the ongoing relations with the sits suppliers, delivery challenges, expedites and quality issues.
    • Performs the annual supplier assessment.


  • Subcontractor operational management
    • Responsible for the interaction with subcontractors, and the execution of the manufacturing agreements with these suppliers.

Required Eduction

  • College Degree or equivalent work experience (must). 
  • Seven (7) years experience in a manufacturing environment (must).
  • Proven experience in team management, including senior management team member (must). 
  • Three (3) years of MRP and/or SAP system experience (preferred).

Required Skills

  • Full understanding of MRP, EDI, SPO, Priority, SWP, JCOM, GM, Brose, Mercedes, VW, Inalfa system and Microsoft Office products; strong computer skills.
  • Strong organizational skills, detail oriented and ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks with strict deadlines.
  • Good customer service/phone skills and flexibility for handling a wide range of activities, strong communication skills.
  • Able to identify problems and root causes and find solutions to solve problems.
  • Demonstrates personal time management skills.
  • Mentoring and didactic skills to train and empower people.

Contact Information
Phone: 3343214461463
Email: tangeliaf@arkal-automotive.com
Website: https://www.arkal-automotive.com/

Arkal Automotive
2490 Innovation Drive
Auburn, AL 36832

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