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Automation Engineer

Arkal Automotive

Job Description

  • Responsible for all assembly and automation equipment (assembly fixtures, assembly machines, automation systems and robots, IMM robots) in the plant.
    • Getting acquainted with the equipment before it enters the plant- understanding its functions and structure, control logic and programs, specs and expected performance.
    • Preparing infrastructure for incoming equipment.
    • Receiving new automation equipment into the plant, unpacking and acceptance tests.
    • Commissioning the equipment into regular production- setup, run-off, operator training and certification.
    • Regular preventive and breakdown maintenance and adjustments.
    • Equipment modification and improvement for better performance according to lessons learned during production, with the support of automation team at HQ.
    • Designing and building simple End-of-Arm-Tooling for the IMM robots as required.
    • Constant communications with HQ automation team for performance feedback, design support and improvement suggestions.
    • Programming improvements and touchups for IMM robots and six axis robots as needed (specific training will be provided by Arkal as needed).
    • Support in specifying new automation equipment for future projects.

Required Eduction

Diploma of a university of applied sciences in a technical specialization, technical master or technical vocational training in automation, mechatronic or comparabl

Required Experience

  • At least three (3) years proven experience in installing, supporting and maintaining multi-disciplinary equipment- mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, PLC, sensors.
  • Mechanical/control/automation engineer or practical/associate engineer (strong advantage). 
  • Robot or PLC programming experience (strong advantage).
  • CAD software experience (advantage).

Required Skills

  • Strong self-learning skills.
  • Handy with tools, strong mechanical understanding.
  • Ability to train and teach others.
  • Fluent in English- reading, writing and conversation.
  • Neat and organized.
  • Some travel might be required to equipment suppliers

Contact Information
Phone: 3343214461463
Email: tangeliaf@arkal-automotive.com
Website: https://www.arkal-automotive.com/

Arkal Automotive
2490 Innovation Drive
Auburn, AL 36832

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