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Store Manager (Full-Time)

Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers

Job Description

Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers is looking for a full-time store manager. This person is enthusiastic, energetic, loves all things book and bookish and is comfortable leading an excellent staff to even greater excellence. This person is a great team player, willing to both lead a local team and be a critical component in the larger organization. On top of it all, this person is kind, warm and hard working.  

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  • Lead Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers team 
  • Daily operations 
  • Scheduling 
  • Hiring and managing (including paperwork) 
  • Staff communications 
  • Reporting hours 
  • Represent Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers in the community 
  • Participate in community functions 
  • Identify ways for Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers to better serve the community 
  • Ensure the readiness of the store 
  • Stocking supplies 
  • Deposits and change 
  • Coordinate events 
  • Serve as primary liaison to the sister store's team 
  • Do all the things a bookseller does

Contact Information
Email: june@auburnoilbooksellers.com
Website: https://www.auburnoilbooksellers.com/home

Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers
149 E. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 101
Auburn, AL 36830

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