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Barista/Bookseller (Part-Time)

Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers

Job Description

Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers will have a coffee shop, where we’ll plan to serve coffee, pastries and desserts. Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers is looking for a couple of people with solid barista experience who also have a passion for books and people. 

This position is part-time. Employees will work 16-25 hours/week. Nights and weekends are likely. 

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The barista’s primary responsibility would be making coffee, but we’d like our baristas to be able to serve as booksellers as well.

Booksellers responsibilites include: 

  • Provide excellent customer service in-store, on the phone, at off-site events and online.
  • Maintain tidiness of store including bathroom, lobby and front sidewalk.
  • Alphabetize constantly.
  • Stock and restock as necessary.
  • Place special orders.
  • Participate in store training programs and staff meetings. 
  • Set up for events.
  • Write book reviews to be used in-store and on industry sites. 
  • Take pictures of events.
  • Wrap gifts, stamp bags and things of that nature.

Contact Information
Email: june@auburnoilbooksellers.com
Website: https://www.auburnoilbooksellers.com/home

Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers
149 E. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 101
Auburn, AL 36830

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