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This year HouseMaster, the oldest home inspection company in North America and industry leader, is celebrating 40 years of service.
HouseMaster’s founder, Ken Austin, was a key proponent for regulation, documented standards and certification requirements in the home inspection industry and a founding member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the first industry organization to set standards for home inspections. Each year, more states are adopting and licensing requirements.
Ken Austin also established the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI), a premier school for home inspectors that has been providing home inspection training courses and certifications for the last 26 years.

HouseMaster’s current president, Kathleen Austin Kuhn, is the daughter of founder Ken Austin and a 19-year veteran of the company. She has followed in her father’s trailblazing footsteps and is a charter member of the American Home Inspection Association (AHIA), a nonprofit corporation made up of the largest national home inspection companies dedicated to shaping the legislative issues facing the home inspection industry.

Richard and Cindy Spencer are the owners of the local HouseMaster Home Inspections. For more information about the company or its services, call (334) 246-1584 or visit www.housemaster.com/auburnal.

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