Architectural design and engineering firm Sherlock, Smith & Adams, Inc., has announced its rebranding as SS&A. As the firm celebrates 75 years of serving clients with global reach, SS&A is also unveiling a new look, logo and website.

The new branding emphasizes the power of “and”. The ampersand in SS&A stands for the teamwork and collaboration of the firm’s design professionals together with client groups, working as one. The firm’s comprehensive architecture and planning services also exemplify the power of “and” for clients, providing everything they need in one place. The new gold color symbolizes a high standard of excellence.

The power of “and” extends to multimillion-dollar projects in niche industries, including medical and dental healthcare, and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for the U.S. Armed Forces in widespread locales. The minds and methodologies behind these buildings are headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, with offices in Auburn and Knoxville, Tennessee.

“As we’ve grown in diverse ways, with projects across the globe, it was time for our brand to better reflect our adaptive approach to a bright future,” said Bob Snider, SS&A president and board chairman. “While we’ve evolved, what won’t change is our core, consultative approach and commitment to quality.”

“We’re excited to introduce our new look and all-new website, coming online this week,” Snider continued. “This beautiful new site will showcase our many projects and the people whose teamwork has made them possible. The power of ‘and’ will lead the way in 2021 and beyond.”

To learn more and to visit the new website, click here.